As people grow older, they may be unable to live alone safely. They miss important medications or neglect to prepare regular meals. In a worst case scenario, they can forget to turn off a stove burner or wander off in the middle of the night, endangering themselves and others around them.

 The line between independent living and needing care is often blurry or hidden, as seniors can be quite adept at hiding their problems or brushing off their adult children’s concerns. Sometimes it takes an accident or other emergency to highlight the issue. That’s why most people who call Senior Living Advisor are calling with an urgent request: Mom can’t live alone anymore. What should we do now? Fortunately, the Senior Living Advisor staff has been down this road with other clients, and we are ready to help you determine the best living solution for your senior loved ones.

What care solutions are available?

Our seniors may fear that their only option is what they call a nursing home – an institutional setting they remember their own grandparents enduring, where residents sat in wheelchairs unnoticed by a harried staff. Fortunately, senior care today has grown to include multiple options:

In-home care can help in the home, with caregivers stopping by to assist with hygiene, household tasks or simple camaraderie.

Senior living communities offer a range of care tailored to the needs of the residents, from independent living in a setting that has been built with seniors in mind, to assisted living where residents receive help as needed. Some senior communities also offer long-term nursing care for seniors who need around-the-clock assistance, as well as memory care for people with dementia.

Moving in with a family member can be an option if both parties are open to the idea. However, hands-on caregiving isn’t for everyone, and people need to be honest with themselves before exploring this living arrangement. Some families are able to make it work, especially if they have periodic in-home care or assistance from other family members.

When should we make a move?

Ideally, a senior and an adult child have this discussion while everyone is still healthy and comfortable. However, most people are forced to face the issue because they are noticing too many red flags, like excess clutter in the home or seniors who are wearing the same clothing every day. Sometimes an emergency, like an injury or an accident, underscores the importance of finding a new, safer setting for Mom or Dad. Other times, you may need to enlist a physician or a clergy member to help convince a senior that it’s time to move.

What if we don’t know what to do next?

Senior care can be difficult to navigate under the best circumstances – you’re trying to make sense of the many senior communities in the area and you’re not sure what kind of care your loved one needs. Trying to make these decisions alone under pressure can be overwhelming. Working with a senior living advisor may relieve some of that pressure. People like Lona Newton, the founder and owner at Senior Living Advisor, are already familiar with local senior living communities. The staff at Senior Living Advisor includes a team of professionals who can listen to your loved one’s story and help determine what level of care is appropriate at this point. We will stay with you for the entire journey, whether that means overseeing an in-home caregiving agency or helping your loved one navigate a new lifestyle in a senior living community.

This may be the first time you have faced a decision about senior care, but it’s not going to be the first time we’ve helped someone navigate this journey. You don’t have to be alone – let Senior Living Advisors help you and your loved one select a living solution that allows them to continue living their best lives in a safe and supportive environment. Contact us now to set up a free consultation. Your family’s senior living solution begins now.